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There are 4 Specialization types in game. Each have their own default abilities, purchasable active abilities, purchasable passive abilities and gear item set up for PvP. This allows each specialization to fill a specific role in the game. To make a great alliance you will need multiples of the specializations and their different skill progressions.

A player can choose any of the 4 specializations at any time by going into the “Agency Specialization” from the Alliance menu. This will give you access to their skills/abilities, however you can only use the skills/abilities of the specialization you are currently using.


Role: Single Target Damage/Offtank
Default Ability: +10% Damage Bonus
Gear Uses: 1 melee, 1 handgun, 2 special weapons, 1 vehicle
Good Against: Technician
Weak Against: Security

The Commando is your damage dealing class, with abilities that increase your damage dealt, dealing damage to all players in a structure and by passing enemy marching orders. The class is also able to offtank with abilities such as Overwatch, which directs a percentage of damage taken back to the attacker.


Role: Support
Gear Uses: 1 handgun, 1 special weapon, 1 vehicle, 2 gadgets
Good Against: Spy
Weak Against: Commando

The Technician can act as a healer for the team during Alliance Wars, which can be a huge advantage. They also have an array of abilities that help find out spies and even reflect critical damage all together!


Role: Critical Hit/Damage and Reconnaissance
Default Ability: +10% Critical Hit Bonus
Gear Used: 1 handgun, 2 clothes, 1 vehicle, 1 gadget
Good Against: Security
Weak Against: Technician

The Spy uses critical hits to deal out high damage. Coupled with the default bonus to crits, the Spy also has a abilities that raise their chances even further. The Spy also has the ability to disguise what specialization they are and even get action points back after they make a special attack.


Role: Tank
Default Ability: -10% Damage Taken
Gear Used: 2 melee, 1 handgun, 1 clothes, 1 vehicle
Good Against: Commando
Weak Against: Spy

The Security specialization is the main Tank of the game, with skills that lessen the amount of damage taken per attack as well as bonus HP during Alliance Wars. Security even has AOE attacks much like the Commando Specialization. These guys make great objective holders in Alliance Wars.


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    Do you have to buy the passive ability to get the "good against" bonus, or is it there from the beginning?
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    You have to purchase the abilities. Each class has abilities that make them an asset versus another class.
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