Is $100 really necessary??

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Can anyone justify why the devs of this game feel the need to ask people for $100:mad: to own a legendary agent. I think it is completely unreasonable to gouge the avg joe or the avg joes working parent for $100 for a agent. I understand it's called a VIP event for a reason but these are getting old quick and I'm sure making those of us who have spent money here and there seem unappreciated since we can't blow $100:mad: a month.

I have a suggestion for the devs. If you guys are going to keep up this practice of VIP:cool: events why not make true VIP:cool: tiers like other games? This way people will be encouraged to spend money because they will build VIP:cool: and be continuously rewarded through the months. Daily gifts, access to events early, free stam or energy packs or free agent roll. You guys must be making a killing off of us poor suckers because the creativity is only lacking when the money is stacking.:p
What's next?
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