Match best Alliances within a timeslot against each other.

HenkieHenkie Junior MemberRegistered Users 57 Posts
So yea, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I don't know how the system chooses the match-ups but we match the same alliance A LOT. The problem? This is not our primary competitor.

We're the second alliance on iOS (Omega) and the first is TS (TittySprinkles). Both our points count is much higher than the number 3/4. Omega and TS have at least 1 shared war timeslot but the last time we matched is weeks ago. We never get a chance to beat them so we both just keep growing and it's hard for us to overtake them.

The most logical and most competitive method of matching is to:
  • Take all alliances in a timeslot
  • Matchup the highest alliance with the 2nd alliance
  • Rinse and repeat

Yet we just matched the 4th team. (We seem to rank the 3th/4th/5th team a lot) While TS just matched the 8th team. (They seem to match 7/8 a lot more). Please fix this to make the game a bit more competitive Glu! :)


  • MDOZMDOZ New Member Registered Users 29 Posts
    Just to support Henkie, I agree entirely. The match up system is flawed. What he said....
  • MDOZMDOZ New Member Registered Users 29 Posts
    Henkie - what's your in game name? Mine is Milos if you just want pm me in game. Cheers
  • HenkieHenkie Junior Member Registered Users 57 Posts
    Any comments on this one Handles? It seems like we'll be unable to compromise the point gap between TS and ourselves. However, the occasional times we play against them, we easily win. In fact, LetsGoDrink is much stronger than them. Russian Maffia and Invictus prob too. The current leaderboard system seems flawed.
  • HandlesHandles Advanced Member Registered Users 911 Posts
    I'll report this to the team as a suggestion.
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