09/15 FINALLY!!! Assault Repeat Event

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For those that have weathered the drought, your patience has almost been rewarded!

6 weeks of nothing from GLU, and we finally get a competition.

Yes, we fought for these weapons before, Yes the starting scores are hosed, Yes after a few PVP, the scores still make little sense, why?

I started off Rank 11, I think with 4000 some CP, after 3 hits, I'm now rank 500 (this is Amazon). But, my Director is Rank 1 with over 6000 CP, and after fighting the first 3, remains at Rank 1.

So, some get reset to below this remnant of the last Global (6 weeks ago), and some build onto their old scores!

But, hey, after 6 weeks, at least it's something! Obviously they can't come out with 18.5x weapons until they release a new tier/region/levels. So this is what we have.
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