How to save ur game! | apk & ios

AGENT008PALASHAGENT008PALASH New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
There are lot of users who don't know how to save their game data. And when they Change their mobile they lost their game too. I'm also same help seeker. So it is essential for all new comers. TIA


  • Agent7RockyAgent7Rocky Experienced Member Registered Users 292 Posts
    This game is build by imei of phone ..
    You change phone ..New I'd begins ..
    But after you buy new phone use same mail I'd ...Then play game with New game I'd much enough ...
    After u finish some levels ..mail to glu ccare from game and tell them to transfer your old I'd to new phone ..
    They will do the rest ...will take some days ..But they surely will transfer
    So Jao 
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