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Hello everybody, how can I recover account from new terminal. (old one fall down from 8th floor...kaput...). If I connect to google play with my account can I recover MIRN account from where I was? (ingame name MOLTEDORU and I was in good position....).
thanks for help
btw I manage to save some files from sdcard (com.glu.mi5-2.asec about 118mb, and some huge files from com.glu.mi5 folder, but new device cannot manage'it ... so MOLTEDORU is lost...)
I wish all of u only victories good wheapon and a lot of crystals and gold by by!

Thanks to Norjay from Glu Mobile Customer Care the transfer of game progression to a new terminal is possible, and I have all wheapon, level, map&missions, drone etc. recovered! all I lose was some combat points (lost in pvp randomly choose). and my new nick has changed. so old MOLTEDORU is new DORUTEMOL now. Well, I hope to enjoy the game from top 20 again soon!
Thanks again Norjay&Glu Mobile Customer Care team!


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    problem solved!!!
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    It's great to hear a success story from a player with a broken or dying device. I'm sure there are many more like you that have invested heavily in time, effort and maybe even money.

    The Customer Care team from the many stories I've heard can be very helpful, or completely indifferent to request to transfer accounts. It depends greatly on the communication being effective, and the understanding of the initial response person to either help you or tell you it can't be done.

    If only GLU would have instructions somewhere to guide users on how to recover or transfer a lost or nearly broken game, all of these dead accounts (and there are hundreds!) would still be playing, and many paying to improve their standings!

    So glad you posted your success, I'm very happy for you!
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