Cost of Finding PvP Target vs. Award

SlummerSlummer Junior MemberRegistered Users 70 Posts
Why do I get hammered for 20k+ crystals on a consistent basis, but I have to pay out 1-3K n crystals to net at best 11K. Making it increasingly more frustrating in achieving and building new base Defense Levels.


  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    Payouts are directly related to attacking weapon power, and how full your vault is.

    The people who are attacking you have higher power weapons than you do. Click on their info in your battle log, and that will show you what weapons you would need to get the 20K crystals they are receiving.

    Now your next question is how do I get those weapons. Hint - ka-ching, ka-ching (that sound of money hitting the cash register).
  • SlummerSlummer Junior Member Registered Users 70 Posts
    Thanks. I do look at the Battle Log and I agree, in some cases it is based on their Weapon power. But, I have had situations where their Weapons were of considerably lower power.
  • attitudeattitude New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    eventually just wait for "bots" after upgade wheapon more than half of maxim power (or 2/3 of max power). you ca recognize them easy (common names, drone power identical with yours...) and they sometime give more than real opponent...
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