Hey glu... Gold league sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

bajancatbajancat Experienced MemberRegistered Users 139 Posts
OK, so the 27 of you that actually come to this forum are saying "ya, duh... tell us something we don't know".

So GLU, you've been getting this feedback for the entire life of this game plus the entire life of CKS. So, what is that, almost 3 years now??? Why haven't you changed it???? Is this another example of "if it's broke, don't fix it???"

Here are a couple of the main issues I have with it:
1. The weapon parts you compete for in Global aren't available in Gold

2. It's IMPOSSIBLE to win enough parts in Gold league to craft a weapon without winning at least 1 day. You can finish 2nd 3 times and, woo hoo, you get 48 parts!!! That means you have parts for 2 different useless weapons! (and don't get me started on the crazies out there with their super-human scores)

3. The weapons in Gold league SUCK!!!!! Why not offer better weapons? You offer better weapons in the VIP events, why not make an incentive to get into Gold league?

4. Milestones SUCK!!!! I mean seriously, 200 pts to get 100 gold bars? ****** stupid!!!! Why not make it a real incentive and put it at 1000, 5000 or 10000??? Make players want to get into gold league and continue playing all week! (apparently, you had a couple of weeks where it was 100 pts to get 100 gold... I guess that was a mistake on your part???)

Now for another suggestion you'll likely ignore. Change the name of the league to "LOLLIPOP". Because anyone that gets into this league is nothing but a SUCKER!!! (me included)


  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    Excellent points! And a very good reason I avoid the Gold League like the plague! It's more a penalty for competing hard in the Global Event than a benefit, you've hit the core of GLU's blunder.
  • amsoft2000amsoft2000 Expert Member Registered Users 5,782 Posts
    The GOLD LEAGUE was never really meant for you to compete for anything since you've already won the weapon in the GLOBAL and it's your choice entirely to try to win 2/3 days for another weapon ...
    ... that takes plenty of "GOLD".

    Of course, you must be careful to make the TOP 30 - OR - stay under 8,500 AP in the Global.

    That said, the entire awards structure needs an overhaul and we've complained about it collectively for quite some time ... venting your frustrations is therapeutic, so by all means vent.
    Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION
  • attitudeattitude New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    to avoid this make 8499 ep in global (aprox 340-350 cp), hope to be 90th (35 wheapon parts), be 2nd-3rd in first silver league, and in second and third day of silver make 600 cp daily (1200 cp = 30000 ep in global) and this is it...
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