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PassengerSnail, MIRN Amazon (and I assume Google and iOS?) has had no Global Event going on our 3rd week!

You may have heard the baseball term, 3 strikes and your out? Players are leaving this game. With no competition, what's the point? And no place to spend crystals, the Tier/Region/Level ups are way late, too.

Please help if you can!


  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    It sure would be nice if a moderator could respond to this. Players have stopped playing, no money is being spent on the game.

    No Events mean no competition. No new Tier releases mean no base to upgrade. Not even a VIP to look at.

    Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has come to a complete standstill, and Customer Care doesn't care.

    It's like the whole group of MIRN players have been abandoned, ship wrecked, set out to pasture. Just completely forgotten about.
  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
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    I don't know TA...seems a little fishy to me. Don't you think they would push out a notification rather than come into global chat and tell the 30 people trolling it?
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    Well folks, seems GLU just doesn't give a F---.

    Now on the 4th week of NO GLOBAL EVENT. The writing is clearly on the wall. CC occasionally responds with company line comments, but nothing of concrete substance. The proof is in their non-actions, this is very sad.

    So, how are we to get our Gold out of this non-active game and move it to another account like Contract Killer: Sniper?

    Another Customer Care request, I guess.
  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    I got a confirmation from an Agency member this morning, that iOS is also effected by this lack of events, so it appears GLU has stopped development of MIRN on all fronts.

    Has anyone got a response to getting their Gold they've paid for withdrawn from the game? We pay for it, now we can't use it?

    Isn't that the definition of GLU steeling from us?
  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    In answer to my question that there have been no Global Events, League Events and we are overdue for a new region, tier and level release, the following is the response from Customer Care;

    "Hi, try_again

    We understand your concern but rest assured, the game is still active and there are still lots of events to come so please stay tuned."

    Seems of little consolation for the last 4 weeks. Maybe a Global start date, or some explanation of what GLU is doing with all their new free time?
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