Thé game No longer launches

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: The game no longer launches. If I uninstall the game, is there the possibility of finding all the data?


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    I think there's the possibility that reinstalling the game will bring back all your data. Make sure that you're signed into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Games (Android) before uninstalling the game. If you have saved any screenshots of your guns, drone parts, gold count, energy refills, username, level, cp, agency, and et cetera, send those to Glu once you reinstall the game via the customer care button. :)
    I had a similar problem as you except that my problem was that the game kept crashing right when it was about to bring me to my safehouse after loading up the game. I solved it by reinstalling the game.
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    If your on a kindle just go into your games and it should still be there you just download it again and you should still have everything. If not you can put in a request to transfer your old character.
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