one mill tier reward



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    its fixed on my side.
  • FirthFirth Registered Users 219 Posts
    SANDLOCK wrote: »
    its fixed on my side.

    same with a few others i spoke with that passed the 100k appears to be fixed...

  • VaniclesVanicles Registered Users 18 Posts
    This was for the last slayer event not evo nor tribute.
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    what happend with emp lost?

    Return them, or give 100 gems for each one

    Sorry for my english

    I lost three.
  • hellschefhellschef Registered Users 148 Posts
    As far as this event I got mine but still have not received for last 4 slayer event .. discouraging to say the least .. nit venting on handles directly has been a big help but d3v team need to rectify all the people who have not gotten and played hard to get that far ..
    Some spend money to by gems to get enough vp .. I myself have hit one mill last seven events and last 4 did not received rewards ..
    I am still getting data 362 error .. so have relied on bolts to refill to get not using videos to get so every 20 minutes or so getting vp
    But at least we hope it's fixed for future event.. however stl getting 326 data error after videos ...
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    You can get the 1m vp milestone rewards again, but how about for the previous slaying events, when can people get it? Thanks
  • vesthervesther Registered Users 63 Posts
    I received the 1mm vp milestone reward (placing it on my Barbaress for the time being) but out of the five beast slaying tourneys, I still have not received the previous four from the four prior tourneys just for grossing 1mm vp on those four events. Will you be able to provide those players who reached 1mm vp but did not receive them in those events something for the least?
    Please read my rant before private messaging me. Thanks.
  • hellschefhellschef Registered Users 148 Posts
    Good luck this post has been up for four weeks and nothing
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