Leader is inaactive, can we get the position back?

KoonzipherKoonzipher Registered Users 8 Posts
hello, i am in one of the top 20 guilds, and have a problem. The leader of our guild has been inactive for quite some time. more than 10 days. we have managed to stay in the top 20 without a leader, but we really need that spot filled with an active player, such as myself. is there a way that admin can fix this problem? we have became one of the top guilds without cheating, and before the hacker infestation i was a spender. i know that you all have bigger fish to fry (MAINstreet and Brothers and HAHA guilds), but please fix this problem, or if anyone else has had this problem, any help would be appreciated.
Guild: Drunk
In-game name: Koonzipher
Platform: ios
inactive leader: RamsessII


  • OmasOmas Registered Users 6 Posts
    Come on Glu, still no word from you about this. Help us get our guild back!
  • MukoMuko Registered Users 78 Posts
    Acho que os adm da glu estão dormindo
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