Ofcorse you screwed up again

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When this tribute event stared there was a bug that let you use your tributes over and over and not remove them from total tributes. Now people have 150k vp on an event that 4-5k won hof please reset peoples vp to what it really is. You guy always end up messing something up. Now its bad enough legionary are all hacks and did 277 million vp on slayer ( like thats even possible ) they are in 1st now and will get another hof that they do not deserve. Ive sent you screen shots of all the hacks doing 200-700k vp within the same minute. Fabbruizzo did 700k without the timer moving. Still you do nothing but what remove jurassic guild now the hacker players from there probably joined the hackers in legionary. And departed, dont get me started on them what did they finish with 267 million vp. Lol this game is a joke. You either dont care cause you made that **** ew4 game or you support the hackers to make idiots like me spend money. Well the spending stops and i hope others stop too.


  • SliceSlice Registered Users 42 Posts
    Nevermind i just found out that jurassic was removed by the leader so you didnt do **** about that and thats why they are still hacking
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    If you get a response from GLU let us know..I'm pretty sure they left without turning off the lights.
  • SliceSlice Registered Users 42 Posts
    I'm starting to think jim bourbon is right and it two guys working out of their garage running glu
  • ThugliffeThugliffe Registered Users 1 Posts
    It's so disappointed on this game.....
    Come on man !! Fix the problem:mad:
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    Yeah I know Slice, I stoped spending Money a while ago on this title when Glu showed they are not capable to distinct real players from the hackers. Just because they spend a few bucks they reason they can't be hackers. It´s their loss because like me most big spenders stoped spending a while ago.

    Wish Kim Kardashian game was developed by another Company, if so Glu would maybe actually give a **** about Blood&Glory.
  • cpacpa Registered Users 29 Posts
    Slice wrote: »
    I'm starting to think jim bourbon is right and it two guys working out of their garage running glu

    At least that would be a half-decent excuse. Glu is actually a publically traded company with about 400 employees. And as we've seen over the last couple months, not one of them is working on the game.
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    We didn't get a tribute event, probably because we haven't had a slayer event for 2 weeks.
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