Lethalfrogs: recruiting active players only

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Ave immortals! Lethalfrogs has a couple open spots for dedicated players as of this moment. We are looking for players with 3000 or higher GS. We typically place fourth in the slayer tournaments so what are you waiting for? If you enjoy talking with other guild members about strategy, characters, and random odd topics then we may be the perfect place for you. Please reply to this thread if interested or chat with Beric, Loky, or Dixieland if you see us in town. We'd love to have you!
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  • ValkryyeValkryye Registered Users 2 Posts
    LethalFrogs. . . just letting you guys know I'm still around - working with Glu to recover my character. I was given steps by support for what needed to happen so I could retain my character and factory wipe my phone...sounded easy. But apparently they lost me.
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