brothers in battle

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brothers in battle
(in honour of Freyablood)

warrior at the precipe
looking down,
thinking on what has to be,
betrayal an old scar.
dusk is near, last battle
calls ahead.
a warcry in his heart,
it is not over yet.

it’s hard to loose
everything but not yourself.
it’s strength to choose
to laugh fate in her face.
the night is near, new loyalties
were found,
it is not over yet.

the battle will be fierce,
he won’t go gentle in the night,
the enemy appears,
the battle will not wait.
the end is near, goodbyes
were never said,
it is not over yet.

our hearts are bound
to his,
he will not fight alone.
Valhalla waits, my friend,
we’ll see again,
it is not over yet.
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