Following the direction of GLU support. . .it appears that I have lost my character.

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I needed to factory reset my phone. In the interest of not losing my character that I had invested time and $$ in, i first contacted GLU support and asked them what was involved in making sure I didn't lose my character. They promptly responded with what I needed to do, and so. . .me, being the idiot that I am, followed their instructions to the letter. Now it seems that they can't find my character so that they can attach it to the new instance of the game on my phone. And they are no longer responding to my emails :( Looks like I might be done with this game. . .and done with GLU forever.


  • TacoBillTacoBill Experienced Member Registered Users 115 Posts
    Bummer..well guess that means there's going to be an opening in your guild.. (:
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    Wow..that is comically frustrating. I, too, have lost my character. For months I kept to the ideal that a free game wouldn't see a dime for me. Last week I broke down and spent a significant (for me anyway ) chunk of money on it. Less than 6 days later, I'm back to level 1... Lovely. I submitted a ticket and expect to hear back as soon as EW5 comes out...
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