Attention gluu admin

PirateTDPirateTD Registered Users 17 Posts
I don't know what else to do to get a hold of you, I've emailed I've tried support convo but no one ever responds to me! Can anyone out there help me transfer my game from one device to another?


  • HandlesHandles Registered Users 911 Posts
    The transfer from a device to another device is not currently supported.
  • PirateTDPirateTD Registered Users 17 Posts
    Okay thanks. I've heard of a few people that you have transferred devices already. Guess I read wrong. Plz make this available soon as possible. And thanks for responding finally. I'm sure u guys r busy. But thanks
  • DreipursDreipurs Registered Users 48 Posts
    Oh i would like that too
    cause i play on ipad but when i have time it would be nice to play with the phone

    See i t like this the more i can play the bigger chance is that i buy more gems
  • HenShin hohoHenShin hoho Registered Users 769 Posts
    well my advice to gluu mobile this time should use like (Kings corporation - Candy Crush) any idevice can easier switching between one account facebook account that much pretty easier for us to change on any idevice including we lost our iPhone or iPad just in case. in ew3 are worst cause base on individual idevice to recognize account this is most terrible way for current high end technologies to date back this account issue facebook was the king of world most populars account easier manage lor
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