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How come we don't have a in game administrator keeping track of what's going on .. it would be a good idea to have at least a couple with direct contact with glu. That can see the problems still in game as well as keep track of people hacking .. I mean it may be a free game to download but to play is a different story .. would also be good to keep track of troublesome players .. may seem like alot but you have plenty of people who like the game a d would be willing to even help .. makes alot more sense then a forum wich sint even checked on weekends during events ....


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    I agree...too many issues are going over looked and unfixed...such small issues like the do7ble texting should have been addressed long ago
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    I agree also...the players know best about what is going on in game. They can be volunteers, no compensation given other than satisfaction of having a good game to play.
    Frankie.bones, what double chat?
    Frankie.bones, what double chat?
  • hellschefhellschef Experienced Member Registered Users 148 Posts
    Nice lol now that's funny
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    seria una buena iniciativa totalmente de acuerdo
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