Glitch Thread - Not Getting Weekend Events and other Concise Issues

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If I am overstepping I apologize, but there appear to be a few key issues players are experiencing recently. In order to try and get some assistance or advice regarding these issues, we need your help. Please post ONLY THESE REQUESTED DETAILS and a Brief explanation of your issue. Clear and Concise, please. And for any further discussion about this, complaints, please find or start a Vent thread. I promise I'll get this thread info to Glu as it starts to fill up. :) Here's what we need:


Brief Description of issue

Here's my Example:
Android/ 5.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S4
Level 32 (If you don't have levels,then some other cohesive identifier)

I stopped getting the Weekend events after the recent update. Also I crash when I try to change my armor, and when I try to brush my fangs.

And that's it. :) Remember:


Brief Description of issue
If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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  • NuberoNubero New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    IGN xNuberox
    Samsung Galaxy S5

    With amazon i have the same problem.

    I create accounts in other devices with new player and have the same problem. Nexus 7 playstore/amazone and moto g playstore/amazon

    The bar load to 100% but in the screen to choose a player, always say "connect to server"
    The game works monday to friday, when beast event start crash, and when event finish, works.
  • DozorDozor New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    Copy/Paste from the June thread.

    Not getting weekend event's means - the game throws a "network error" for every single amazon app store user for 70 hrs straight - starting 10:30am pdt fri - 8:30am pdt monday. The game has been inaccessible for 2 weekends straight. It appears this issue was caused at the same time as they introduced some pop up to tell users to rate the game. The game appears to work for play store and app ios app store users. Many many people have opened tickets and tried to raise attention to this through various avenues. There has been no formal reply from GLU. This is on top of the other countless bugs and issues that exist in the game including other events failing. The reason this issue has incited so much rage is that the game is completely down for much longer than it should take to roll back a patch or push a fix for these users. This leads everyone to believe that GLU has is in effect taken their time and money and left them to fend for themselves.

    There are 8 different slayer events that alternate - one running each weekend. The last two weekends should have been Chimera and Minotaur events (confirmed on the google play side). Instead the hydra event has been pushed to amazon users both weekends. The issue probably has something to do with that specific event.

    This BGI forum does not appear to have a moderator. I think customer service is this one rather polite guy who's trying to deal with the individual tickets but doesn't have a method to communicate with the greater community. He seems overloaded and is replying at about a weeks turnaround time.
  • JalatheaJalathea Junior Member Registered Users 53 Posts
    Kindle Fire HDX
    In Game: Jalathea, Level 50, Guild froZen

    Starting with the beginning of slayer events i can't connect to the server. I get kicked out of the game with a "not able to connect / accessing network error" message. If I try to log back on, i get up to the charakter selection screen, after that i get the same error message, and can't get past it. This lasts until the slayer event officially ends, so i'm unable to play at all during that time.

    Edit: the problem started with the 4th of July weekend and occured again the last weekend.
  • OldManGamerGuyOldManGamerGuy New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    Kindle Fire / Amazon
    IGN: OldManGamerG
    Bug: weekend slayer event window causes the game to stop at the character selection screen repeating an accessing server/network error loop that won't allow me to enter the game. Exactly the same thing that happened when the Egypt update was pushed out for everyone except Amazon users if that helps.

    I think the most frustrating thing is that we all feel like GLU has abandoned us. We have no mod on this forum - no updates or even communication from the devs about what is going on. Sometimes a simple "we know there are issues and we are working on a fix that should be in place around (insert date here) would do wonders for morale amongst the masses.
  • TacoWilliamTacoWilliam New Member Registered Users 35 Posts
    Handles is liking for info in the"Amazon kindle players unable to play" thread the same thing kokokonuts is doing here..we may have to try and combine these threads so issues don't get lost..
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 28,371 Posts
    Ok, you got attention, I'm out. Please keep your complaints out of KK:H. This is not going to be as friendly next time. Please don't come into our yard and make a mess. Deal? Thanks. oh, and someone should point out to OldMan that they don't follow instructions well.
    Level thing

    Brief Prob.
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
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  • BrutusValariBrutusValari New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    Kindle fire

    Accsessing network error!

  • skillambiatiskillambiati New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    Level 50
    The're of course are a few problems.
    1. After every level "level up 50" is repetitive.*
    2. I am not gaining experience. Cannot level up past 50.
    3. The completion times for legendary levels are the same as normal.
    4. Mini bosses are tougher then the main boss.
    5. No legendary gear are dropping on anubis.
    6. Spider pet is very rare or doesn't drop.
    7. The rate drop for rune tributes are still lighting and ice. Poison doesn't drop at all.
    8. No new gear in the tributes due to no leveling issue.
    9. Chat still doubles.
    10. Quest are not giving tributes instead they are giving relics.
    The're no other issues at this time.
    I will update accordingly.
    Thank you!!!!
  • TacoWilliamTacoWilliam New Member Registered Users 35 Posts
    Another weekend event and another weekend of network errors...
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