Attn Glu: Possible tournament prizes and propositions

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Hail immortals,
Within my guild and on the chat I've seen a couple interesting ideas that I wanted to bring up on here. The first is that tournament prizes should include slot bags in addition to/or emperor tributes. The emperor tributes rarely drop high quality gear when your character gets higher up in the game anyways. Perhaps it could be a top 50 or top 100 player prize or a top 10 guild prize. Emperor tributes cost the same as a bag so why not? Reward the high performance players. Another idea is that there should be a way to turn gear gained in fights into relics. This would help reduce the inventory space necessary and provide a way to store xp until it is needed. What do you all think? They seem quite reasonable to me. Feel free to add ideas to this thread as they come to you.
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    I don't think bag space would be a good choice. What about those players, who already maxed it out?
    But I agree, that prizes should be changed, especially the 2nd and 3rd. It's actually way better to get 4th and 5th, and that's a problem (at least for those, competing at the top). Loose the reagents - nobody needs another heart or soul on that level!

    If you include relics, they should stack. At the moment, they don't, and therfore only clutter your inventory space even more.
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