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Hi! I Have a trouble with the game! I been played blood & glory: inmortals for a long time and today, when i enter to se my progress, the game Have a reset and i don't know why! The people in my guild says to me That my character is in the game and my progress is still there but i can't play because in my ipad,when i open the game it sends me to the beggining like if i never play! Please help me! My user name in the game is CJulian, Sorry for my bad english but i'm from México and i send this message because i don't want to loose al my progress! I never cheating in the game and i want to keep playing!

Thank you for receive my message!



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    Hi CJulian!
    You should send a ticket to customer service. They don't look into the forum!
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    yeah submitting a ticket doesn't do much either..we've been complaining for months about the level 50 cap..the error messages..the double chat..the everything..good luck..submitting tickets gets you an auto response reply and that's about it..
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