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Hail Heroes of the realm!

Ever wondered what the Solo/Guild Beast Slayer Events are and how they work? Look no further, this guide will act as a walkthrough to cover the ins and outs of this EPIC weekly competition.

How do I know there is an event running? How do I know what events are upcoming?

Events run weekly, for a schedule including weekly and monthly promotions click Here

In game, view the bottom of the town screen, if there is an event in progress, you can view it/view the details by clicking the event bar at the bottom of the screen.


How do these Slayer events work?

In a nutshell, kill RARE and EPIC enemies, gain VP. The more VP you have the more rewards you gain. You spend energy to play a round and there is a scaling difficulty that increases both RARE and EPIC spawns, as well as HP/DMG output of the monsters.


Medallions increase the spawn rate and damage you deal to the monsters in the event.
Fuse Medallions for higher rarity Medallions.

Navigate and explore the event interface to learn more:



  • FirthFirth Experienced Member Registered Users 219 Posts
    i notice a third pic on kill these for vp, looks like the EPIC and RARE of the current event and the 3rd being the dog/hellhound/ beast thingy..but i noticed killing those never gives vp.
  • hellschefhellschef Experienced Member Registered Users 148 Posts
    I have also been wanting to know about that the hell hounds don't give vp if they do it don't show up ....
    Guild :: EXPERIENCED
  • DaneDane New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    They're more than 5.
  • winstarwinstar New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    when you yourself have been in the game or event?what tyranny actually is going on in the course?cheaters will not give rise highly simple players,the prizes are not given when you finally fix the bugs of the game?continuous errors and money you want to get carried)))no,money you no one will,because not working on the game at all! Player top HindIII.
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