Why a Guild?

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You might have been wondering why you should join a guild. (If not - just ignore this section)

The guild in this game is maybe not what you are used to, unless you've played EW3 and this is exactly what you thought a guild would be like.

The members of a guild is your closest source for help and tactics, and insane chats in the night when you can't sleep. You fight together in every tournament to get as far up in the rankings as possible. Ending high rewards the guildmembers some of the best tributes in the game.


If you are looking for a guild then the Guildsection is one way of looking for a guild that will have you. Topguilds prefer experienced players who not only have good gear (measured by GearScore, GS) but also perform well during the weekly tournaments. VP (or Valor Points) is acquired by fighting legendary monsters in the tournaments, higher level equals higher score...hopefully.
If the sky is not your goal then there are lots of casual guilds who play more for fun and the GS is not the primary attribute they are looking for. Just scroll down the list and see which guild fits you.

If you are not a follower but a leader then you can easily create your own guild and start your quest to be the best GuildLeader there is.


Every week - thursday to monday - there is a tournament. If you are not in a guild and feel like playing in the tournament, then starting your own guild is not a bad idea. Every fight rewards you with Guild Tributes. These Tributes can only be used if you are in a guild (you still get them even if you're not in a guild, ready to be used once you join a guild). The rewards varies from Health/Mana potions up to some of the best weapons you can get in the game, you do not want to miss this! The rewards are based on the level of your guild and at the top level Legendary items are some of the rewards.

You can also receive Relics as rewards. These can be used to evolve your gear but they can also be used as donations to your guild. By donating Relics and coins you, together, level up the Guild making it possible to add more members and raising the quality of the Guild Tribute.


  • Android8000Android8000 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    What do the promotions mean in a guild, i.e (officer and so forth)?
  • LanfearLanfear Junior Member Registered Users 67 Posts
    The only difference in GuildLeader, Senior officer and officer is the ability to kick those with lower rank. All officers can invite new players to the guild, if there are available spots.
  • mag0223mag0223 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Does anyone knows why i can't find my friends in the game? When i enter the player name it shows a error of invalid player name....please help!!!!
  • LanfearLanfear Junior Member Registered Users 67 Posts
    The name search is CaSE SeNsItIvE
  • AlexJotyAlexJoty New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    As an extra. I would like a F1 or skan, just for experimenting like... but I could put that money to a new rifle. Crono or rifle? Crono or rifle? Hmmm.
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