Can't record a new single.

brookie07brookie07 Registered Users 2 Posts
I'm in level 18. 95.7 millions of fans list A #1. I'm stuck on generic quests microbe, Starbeans and string over more than 3 weeks. I've sent several tickets reporting the problem but nothing has happened. No answer. Also those 3 weeks ago I lost 120 B gems and it took us til yesterday to recover them after three tries buy the glu team. The answered once a week that they added to my account and I never got them until last night that I finally got them after being manually added. Those three weeks my main problem of the single and being stuck in generic quests has been ignored. This morning I did another 2 game tickets. One for the unable to record singles and stuck on the boring generic quests. Is anybody else having stuck like me???


  • Miguelito86Miguelito86 Registered Users 29 Posts
    I have the same problem, its been two months and seven tickets. They're not going to fix it
  • WesliciousWeslicious Registered Users 21 Posts
    Same. Almost two months, three tickets and I'm still unable to record a new single.
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