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MSCGandalfMSCGandalf New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Can someone please tell me why the price on credits for this game is so insane? I would not mind paying like 6-10 dollars for like 5200 credits but 125 dollars is crazy, I would not even pay that for a pc game.


  • deserteagle.50deserteagle.50 New Member Registered Users 25 Posts
    Agreed. But you can get by and not spend a penny. Focus on doing the Challenges and build up credits from this. Helps to NOT finish Contracts, just use them to complete a particular challenge, go so far and then Pause and Forfeit and Restart. Lets you use the EASY levels to do a lot of the Challenges. Also, try to spend them on weapons that come with a different Sight as these can be expensive on their own and are needed for some of the Challenges.

    At Level 30, Title - Contract Killer 5 and not spent a penny!! Saying that, need to find me a weapon to do the 2 Kills in 1 shot now that the grenades don't work!!!!
  • nodead082nodead082 New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    Lost gold and - gold . Why? By google+?
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