High Score Limit on Killing Spree

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This happened a while ago, but thought I would post to get something done. After achieving the Challenge in Killing Spree at Level 11 to last a long time (I think it was 15 minutes, not sure). I thought I would go in, guns blazing and see what sort of score I could get. I was heavily armoured, fully stocked and ready to do battle.

With no exaggeration, I just couldn't die and my score went well over 10 Billion. The score was so big that it barely fitted on the screen. With the x10 Multipliers, I was getting over 1 Million for killing a normal baddie and well over 30 Million for a Boss. The score racked up.

So got bored and committed suicide. High Score was then reset to -1 and after coming out of the screen and going back in, reset to zero.

Why is there such a Low Max Score - I don't think I have seen anyone with over 30 Million or so, WHY!!!!!!! Another little bug for the GLU guys!!!
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