please make stronger sniper weapons available with cash buy..

salfskysalfsky New Member2 PostsRegistered Users
stronger weapons at least 1000 + are needed in this game. so why not release somthing more with cash buy? not mostly with credits..


  • BHDBHD Junior Member 74 PostsRegistered Users
    They're not going to do that.

    However, you can build up lots of cash, & buy lots of grenades... You can get good at melee killing and earn lots of Reactix..... You can sign up for a TapJoy account and download and try lots of other apps and earn Glu Credits in the process.

    Then you can play the weekend challenges and WIN free "powerful" weapons.

    Do make sure to backup your progress regularly, then even if you lose on a challenge you can restore and have your wasted, hard earned resources back.
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