Cobalt-OneCobalt-One New MemberRegistered Users 13 Posts
How do you use the reactix? I see no button to use them.


  • andy-blackandy-black New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    If you have any Reactix pills, there will be a symbol at the top of your screen that looks like a pill and has the number of pills that you have beside it. Just tap that symbol and everything will go into slo mo for 10 seconds.
  • deserteagle.50deserteagle.50 New Member Registered Users 25 Posts
    Worth adding, that you can also click this multiple times to build up more "slo time" - useful to get the 10 kills under 1 reactix and also for the Special Events, if you build up a lot of these (Use Melee attacks for the bonus) you can really max out the x10 scoring - best way to get the top freebies!!!
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