2 in 1 Kills - DONE at LAST

deserteagle.50deserteagle.50 New MemberRegistered Users 25 Posts
At long last, just completed the 2 in 1 kills (my last outstanding Challenge) with the Weapon earned at this weekends Special Event. I had managed to get a couple with a Shotgun but it was painfully awkward. BUT, with the "DE-ANIMATOR" that you can win at this weekends Special Event, it is easy. This baby sends a pulse with a big hit area that makes it easy.

So GLU, How about some NEW CHALLENGES, been waiting a while now. Nothing to play for in the game except the Weekend Special Events now.....if you want to keep people playing, bring some new stuff!!!


  • ZENPLAZAHLZENPLAZAHL New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Use Shotgun ! Good luck !

  • hlustre05hlustre05 New Member Registered Users 21 Posts
    I tried using shotgun..no luck. I lost my patience and so I bought the railgun..then here came the de animator from the weekend event. I should have waited for it and i would have saved credits.damn. I got my deanimator now.
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