Option to sell weapons or purchased items

KellyjohnKellyjohn New Member1 PostsRegistered Users
CK2 staff, I've read in the forum that there is a specifics difference between "hard and soft" credits.
This was explained, regarding the inability to trade in game money for credits.

It would be great to be able to trade or sell a purchased item so the real money invested in your game can be used to upgrade or purchase more new guns or equipment.

It is a very expensive game to play when you are expected to spend real world money to upgrade a weapon and soon after, are almost forced to use a different weapon to advance.

This would ultimately provide a slightly more affordable experience for loyal players......
The trade or sell value could be lower (like 1/2) to still create the need to add real money for items wanted.

GREAT Game by the way!

Couldn't find in the forum if this question had been posted previously, sorry if it's just a repeat.


  • Charlie930Charlie930 New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    Does anyone know how or if we can sell or trade purchased guns? And if we can buy better guns?
  • peugeot1044peugeot1044 New Member 8 PostsRegistered Users
    I finish ck2 challenge and win 4 times special event..as you know i never using real money to play this game..one thing you must try hard to get glu credit and buy sniper like wraith cm 7 offer 70%.
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