GLU is a joke, as is their "Customer Care"

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Do yourselves a favor and check the Better Business Rating on Glu. Don't download or give them any of your hard earned money. I did, and I regret it. Their "Customer Care" is a joke. They barely respond unless you pester them with messages, and even then, they can't correct anything correctly. I was playing CK Sniper and every time I was close to an achievement, the game would suddenly decide to freeze up on loading a fight and result in a loss for me. It did this 4 times in one day, and happens every time I'm about to get somewhere. It's frustrating and not worth the money I gave them. I regret it. Here's and excerpt from the BBB:

Glu Mobile came to the BBB's attention in September 2009. A recent review of the company was done in October 2014. Complaints on file state that consumers are receiving unauthorized charges, and not receiving the product or credits after purchase. Consumers also state they are being charged a different price than what is advertised, and state that when they complain to customer service, they do not get a response for weeks if at all. Glu Mobile was unresponsive to BBB's efforts to have the company address the above issues. - See more at:
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