One for the Ladies

RaylinaDRaylinaD Experienced MemberRegistered Users 120 Posts
Curious if there are any plans for a new character image? Maybe a Jill Griffin? I'd volunteer to be the model.
Huggles, Raylina


  • David TDavid T Senior Member Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    They already have a 2D image of a brunette character that hands out weapons and I like your idea.

    What I think would be additionally fun is if you had the option to hire the other character to help you win PVP matches. Glu already has the programming to come up with a version of your player when you're on "defense", so maybe your help would mirror that programming.
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  • RaylinaDRaylinaD Experienced Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    Maybe it would be Jack handing out the weapons and contracts. :p
    Huggles, Raylina
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