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The more I play this game, the more my iPad is in threat of being drop kicked across the room, mainly because of the bugs in the game, this game seems to have more bugs than the rain Forrest, sometimes I loose sound after watching a video, on top of that same thing has happened again witch happens quite a lot you us energy that you have earned and game freezes hence you loose battle because of having to restart the game (it's the only way of unfreezing the game).
To make things worse gets back on to the game go to PVP and get matched up to some ridiculously high level player not once but about 6 or 7 times in a row, it cost me about 800 diamonds and I still got Absolutly sloughtered, there still picking the bits of me up, lol, you need a good sense of humour playing this game.
I think I've given this game a good crack of the whip, think I might just cut my losses and run, come back like a lot of people are doing when bugs in game are sorted out and game play run a bit fairer or more in balance for all players, not just the one who have bottomless wallet or more money than brains.
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