The corruptable influence of too much power

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Hey all before last update, I like you all had decent weapons, short range was 2880, and I finally snagged a 6 round quick reload sniper rifle, that was a hapoy day, 2 to head, couple to the ***.
IF i lost a match it was because of inattentiveness or it was pass bedtime.The updated 5750 bases, needed a health pack and or a rocket to get the job done.During the last campaign I did a Tesla mission, to get the diamonds for base upgrades, and I inadvertenly bought the weapon, As you all know there are good amount of diamonds for those missions, so the base upgade was quick along with upgades to the Tesla. As you all know a upgraded Tesla can make short work, of all opponents under cover especially rhe boss. Finished PVP at level, 150 recieved my bounty no problem. at the end.
I saw that the Heavy and short range were on sale, and was surprised to see such powerful heavy on sale, this is a PVP winner kind of weapon ,
At 800 gold, there ws much huming and hawing , but I had to have it.
Immediafely the game changed and will never be the same, part of the fun for me was surviving without using med kits or rockets, holding off until you,re almost dead, and pulling off the win, with a sliver of health.
Now unfortunately wirh the Pale Rider heavy weapon the base attack is 7880- 110000, so now the game is just too easy , with upgrades even more so. Do get me wrong i like the gun it's just so powerful the fun is gone, when you see your rank at 9000+ and your opponent is 1500 , even the 5760 bases pose no challenge. The short range guns are pretty useless in comparison. So I guess the message is, yada yada what you wish for you know the one.
Bit of advice to those who have, or contemplating this purchase, hold off on the Heavy missions, the
Diamonds are better used to update your base in next update if not already.
Now hopefully there is a7000+ sniper rifle up for sale next.


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    Thanks for the perspective.

    I relate through similar reasoning and experiences of weapons choices. It's fun to get ahead, but being caught up with the best makes you wait for the next best thing. Using gold buys you energy to play more, but can also buy you less game time by purchasing weapons/base upgrades that get you through the game faster. It's all about how much time you want to play and when you want to play, without losing your options of who you can compete with and what part of the game you're eligible for.

    Enjoy whatever balance you decide is most fun, or can afford, to do.
    iPhone 4, usually.
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    I did the same, and bought Rapier Elite, Demon Elite, and Zeus Elite guns in last weekend's contest. The PaleHorse really surprised me; I kept going back and rechecking whether it was really that powerful before finally buying some purchasing gold from Amazon to buy it. Getting it took the sting out of falling short of an x6.0 assault gun this weekend though.

    Before the contest, I was using a Longshot 50 and Kraken AK-200, both maxed out at 1440. That was a bit frustrating because I simply couldn't survive attacking a maxed out level-4 base without med kits. Currently, I'm using the assault and sniper rifles unless I'm over my head. Only then will I switch to the heavy or Tesla. It's very different now though, I have no doubt doubt that I can defeat whatever base I'm up against if I really want to by switching guns. I was a little frustrated by feeling weak before the contest, but feeling nearly invulnerable doesn't feel quite right either. I suppose that I can always equip lower-power assault and sniper rifles -- I think that it would be nice to have that option between accepting and starting a PVP attack so that you could scale your power to what you're going up against, but I'm not sure how popular that would be. Maybe scaling attack points based on the ratio of your attack power used to the defense power. I feel like a bully when I go up against a base with significantly less power than mine, but I want the diamonds and am trying to climb the leaderboard, so I take the matches I'm given.

    It's hard for me to believe that I've spent that much real money on virtual guns, but I've really enjoyed playing the game, and it's still cheaper than a lot of other entertainment options.
  • rastafarirastafari Registered Users 78 Posts
    "Gold from Amazon" please explain, thanks
  • GVilleJacketGVilleJacket Registered Users 30 Posts
    rastafari wrote: »
    "Gold from Amazon" please explain, thanks

    The game can be "purchased" / downloaded from 3 stores that I know of: iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon. When you purchase gold, the purchase goes back to the store that you bought the game from. Like PythonDjango I downloaded this game from Amazon. When I purchase gold in game, it takes me to the Amazon website and Amazon gives you the option of making the purchase with you stored credit card or you can purchase with Amazon Coins. When I bought some gold to pick up the Tesla on sale this past weekend I chose to purchase enough Amazon Coins to cover the Glu Gold purchase, and now have some extra Amazon coins left in my Amazon account.

    By the way, buying from Amazon is not only for Kindle devices. You can register any android device with your Amazon account and once you purchase a game it is available to all registered devices (if compatible). I am playing on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone from Verizon.
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