Is it possible to collect all parts for a full weapon thru league events ? Thanks



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    R1gol1nR1gol1n Registered Users 157 Posts
    Hey on this global event I see that we are competing for rifle 9.5 power TROCAR 58880 max the power... But they have on sale a SCALPEL ELITE same power for 480 gold.
    Is not more cheaper just get the gun?
    I gues some guys just want to be on top board. Just saying I only spend gold when is a tesla or heavy gun. And that if I need it. This time I was able to craft the Eclipse I just over sleep.
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    Kittipong29Kittipong29 Registered Users 84 Posts
    As I said this weekend, there are not top players attend the event so many as previous tournament, score of top 10 is quite low.

    Mostly would like to go for Heavy Styx in Gold League next week and Silver League would be parts of Trepan Sniper from this tournament.
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