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I'm looking to join a clan that has people at lvl 90 and fights daily. There are so many new clans it's hard to find one with good stats it seems that isn't full. Let me know or send an invite if you wish. Also does anyone know if you can leave a clan? Just wondering.



PS This is my in game name as well.

After playing for a while I'm finding out all or almost all of my matches are against people that are maxed out and it's really going to be hard to keep a winning streak going to get top weapons. Short matches really suck. Long I can usually win but this is really getting difficult. Anyone else having this issue?


  • NoobieNoobie Experienced Member Registered Users 163 Posts
    Does anyone know if you can leave a clan?

    Once you're a member, there is an option to leave the clan. It would even give you a confirmation whether or not you want to leave - in case you pressed it accidentally.

    Also, I believe if you're the clan leader, you can kick somebody out for whatever reason - i.e. not participating in a regular fashion, etc....
  • Smokinjoe44Smokinjoe44 Experienced Member Registered Users 123 Posts
    Thanks Noobie this makes it easy for me then to make a decision.
  • steveshen1688steveshen1688 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Join me。steveshen1688, firstblood
  • PythonDjangoPythonDjango Experienced Member Registered Users 234 Posts
    I'm with COMEGETSOME -- we're not all heavy hitters, but we have a few and could use another; we're currently 3rd on the clan event leaderboard.
  • Mindy82Mindy82 New Member Registered Users 43 Posts
    I am recruiting a hard hitter too. We are Boss clan in 3rd place now.
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