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    We could also call it North Pole time since all of these lines intersect there anyway, then everyone would truly be on the same time LMAO and the Global would last for 2 years.

    I do not mind time zones at all; there's not an IT Pro alive who hasn't had to deal with them throughout their entire career, BUT would it be too much to fracking ask that the Schedule Start Time and the Clan War Clock at least be in the same d.a.m.n TZ?

    Why should someone look at the schedule and convert the time to another zone? No other clock in the game functions that way. Subtract an hour here, add 19 there ... Get Real.

    This is GLU we're talking about. Put another way, if I attempted to roll out some software and informed the users that they would need to convert the time they see on the screen to Zulu Time, do you know what kind of looks I would get? If I really wanted to p.i.s.s them off, I could go to a 24 hour clock and Julian calendar.

    Now I'm am no huge fan of Clans or Clan Wars, but I'm trying my best to give it a shot, but this is just poor design from the ground up and there's no other way to describe it.

    SMH x infinity

    I am with you on this one. Right now the Clan war ends 1 Day and 1 Hour after the Global ends, what sense does that make? Glu, pick a time zone, and use it for everything.
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