The game could be ending

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Since December 2017 the game of CKS has had no one from glu updating or administering it. The game was transferred from the studio in Moscow to their subsidery company in Hyderabad and was supposed to become active again in April. (Not happened )
Any enquiries to glu will only result in their standard reply.. Which does not answer the question " is this game dead "
Do not waste money on this game! Until glu starts to get their act together.


  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    With GLU headquarters being in San Francisco, CA, it would not surprise me if this non action was a form of anti gun movement, even if we are talking virtual guns! By not supporting this game, management is making itself FEEL better by stopping what it probably terms as a violence inducing, weapon promoting war inducing GAME. Even if nothing could be further from the truth than it was a fun and involving virtual game to it's users.

    GLU could easily turn this back into a money making offering, but refuses to give anything back to the players that have had paid subscriptions, especially any revelation from Customer Care that this game is being worked on, but is in fact dead.

    Maybe they feel making money on this game would make them appear as Colluding with the Russians? rofllmao!
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