contract killer sniper diamond error

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Problem in CKS when I play pvp after winning the fight I do not get the claim option on my screen to claim my victory reward the cursor (baground image electronic safe ) keeps on revolving for many hours until i force close the game manually i sit right under the wifi i get full network support but claim does not come .I loose my diamonds to enter each pvp when I re start my game I see no victory reward addet to my diamonds infact I am at lose .kindly fix it I have read all yor faq they do not help me .Since now no one has replied to me the status of my problem I formatted my mobile 3 times and every time my game starts with same cash gold and diamonds where I left it before formating my mobile I get same base power and same attack power I want to re play the game from beginning but each time I fail to load a new game .kindly help give suggestions


  • David TDavid T Senior Member Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    Do you have an option to select the specific programs/apps you want to reload from your device backup recovery software? It doesn't sound like you're able to do a true reformat (back to factory settings/data).

    BTW-Sorry, sucks to have a bum copy of the game. I've had that same issue come up a few times, but it hasn't happened in a week or so; maybe they fixed something? Good luck, see you on the turf.
    iPhone 4, usually.
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