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foulbazaz49foulbazaz49 New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
À la fin de chaque combat,vous pouvez mettre un petit message quand vous gagnez. Pourquoi depuis 2 jours,certains messages sont des messages d'insultes ?


  • Hawk001Hawk001 New Member Registered Users 15 Posts

    I don't speak French but I did understand what you said. It seems the insulting message is not from the user/attacker most of the time. If the message is "Thanks for the diamonds, sucker!", then that seems to be the default message set up by Glu if a user does not input any manual message or leave the message text box empty. I know it's a very taunting message and when I received revenge replies with lots of other insults, I was surprised coz I had not written any message to that person after attacking. I found it out the hard way, so I just type something more polite to overwrite the default insulting message.

    Glu should fix this! Some people who doesn't realize that it is a self generated message tends to get offended!
  • SandmanSandman New Member Registered Users 21 Posts
    yes thats why i changed mine to sat ,,,,the sandman came a calling
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