HeerDunter2014HeerDunter2014 New MemberRegistered Users 39 Posts
Anyone else fed up with lagged PVP matchups? So stupid, wasted diamonds and energy all because it doesn't load up. Fix this.


  • virginiavenomvirginiavenom New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    yes this is ridiculous. it goes to loading and just sits there. I'm on a solid reliable connection and it does it all the ****ing time. lose energy, lose diamonds you should get, lose diamonds you spent for the match. I thought Gree was bad, *** guys. would like to know what the odds of the mystery box is for a single spin too. I spent over 100 gold, got 4000 in cash (********), got 2 5 packs of knives (BS), got some armor (never needed it before), got 500 diamonds (again, ***) I want to know the full list of chances for the box event or at least for the weapon prizes. had I known it was that bad I would have just saved up to buy a badder weapon with gold later....thanks for nothing.
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