What's up with this new update

LinksterLinkster Registered Users 8 Posts
I'm having some serious issues with this new update, and PVP is worthless now, every time I click find opponent it says no opponent found, there are not any things done that said would be in the update


  • HutchGSHutchGS Registered Users 24 Posts
    Same here. "Opponent cannot be found" error. Great. Now what do we do?
  • LinksterLinkster Registered Users 8 Posts
    I don't f*****g know, I'm ****ed, a new tournament is coming up and apparently we don't get to play, it's not happening to everyone because I was attacked 40 minutes ago
  • TsupaoTsupao Registered Users 3 Posts
    "Opponent can't be effin found" *** is wrong with glu.. Aside from this, they should fix the MATCHING and REVENGE thang, you know what im sayin? Tournament is coming, were still doomed ��
  • LinksterLinkster Registered Users 8 Posts
    All I can say is if glue doesn't get their **** together fast they are going to lose a lot of customers
  • LinksterLinkster Registered Users 8 Posts
    It's pretty unfair that I can be attacked at this time but cannot find an opponent to redeem my diamonds
  • CKSCKS Registered Users 1 Posts
    Aaaarrgghh!!!! The update is even worse!!!! *** is up with this game??? Cant find opponents, game not connecting, wasting diamonds on match ups!! I thought the update would at least get me past Level 40! Uugghhh...so close to giving up.....soon dam close!!!!
  • LinksterLinkster Registered Users 8 Posts
    Okay everybody, I found a way to find an opponent, just continue to click okay find opponent click okay find about it over and over and over and eventually it will give you one, I did that probably 20 times and got all my energy bars out of it, then whenever the energy rejuvenatedI found an opponent the first time after that
  • Angels HolocaustAngels Holocaust Registered Users 571 Posts
    I think the reason why we're not finding opponents immediately is because there aren't enough victims out there.
  • tngrandfathertngrandfather Registered Users 21 Posts
    Angels is right. We have to wait for more people to log on, update their games, and then log off for us to have more people to attack. However, after trying for 30 minutes, I finally got a couple of games only to have the last one crash again. New update, same old "network errors"!
  • HandlesHandles Registered Users 911 Posts
    Hello all!

    This is a known issue in the game and is currently being addressed by our team. We ask for you to be patient with us while we get this fixed.
  • JeansjerbearJeansjerbear Registered Users 3 Posts
    Here's a thought rather then wait for people to log off why can't we actually face a real person in PvP they can have another area for people that r running up their numbers. Oohs hey maybe the PvP should be somewhat evenly matched. I'm new so if this has already been thrown out there I'm sorry. Just venting
  • HandlesHandles Registered Users 911 Posts
    While the idea of live PvP combat would be awesome, the issue with latency would likely make the experience not so much fun.
  • deepinyourmumdeepinyourmum Registered Users 5 Posts
    Same 'opponent can't be found' message....How patient do we need to be?
    If I Get hooked on another game I probably won't be back.
  • GysotGysot Registered Users 2 Posts
    Handles wrote: »
    This is a known issue...

    I hope you mean the issue where it just hangs when you're in PVP, you lose your winning streak (if in an event) your energy and diamonds spent to find an opponent. That is the biggest annoyance right now.
  • Angels HolocaustAngels Holocaust Registered Users 571 Posts
    If the battle never starts, we should not be charged energy or diamonds. Once they fix that issue, this game will be ready for the public.
  • babyteacherbabyteacher Registered Users 53 Posts
    i stuck in collecting packs when launch cks , can not do anything to go in game
  • xsgt1xsgt1 Registered Users 41 Posts
    The new update is **** !!! I liked this game, but with the problems that exist with the update, it may be time to say adios to this game !!!
  • PsychotexPsychotex Registered Users 1 Posts
    I'm having the same problems and in addition, sometimes when I can connect in pvp, I can shoot the defense soldiers, their health will reduce to zero, but they just won't die......

    Please GLU get the new update out as fast as possible!
  • KANCER86KANCER86 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same here, I love wasting energy on attacking a base just to come across an army of immortals. Apparently they don't defend my base tho as it's constantly getting beaten and collected diamonds are stolen from my "vault"
  • themantheman Registered Users 5 Posts
    I can find opponent but I can't kill them...I can kill there machines just not the enemies...losing valuable diamonds and pvp points too...***..glu...only started after update
  • Btk1966Btk1966 Registered Users 7 Posts
    My update apparently never took! I can't update beyond tier 5 for my base, I have no train station. If I re-install over top of itself will new stuff take without affecting current?
  • David TDavid T Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    Can someone confirm a few things that uses Apple?

    1. What is the latest version of CK? 1.1.0 or 1.1.1
    2. Is there a campaign section after Europe?
    3. Is there a base upgrade after tier 5?

    I keep hearing about this new stuff and I successfully downloaded the update a few days ago.
    iPhone 4, usually.
  • babyteacherbabyteacher Registered Users 53 Posts
    Nothing new , it has just fixed some errors
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