Weapon in PVP. Is there, or will be able to buy it for gold?

AlladynosAlladynos New MemberRegistered Users 14 Posts

Is a weapon that is to win in PVP at present, it is possible to buy for gold during the sale on Store?

Is only the most powerful weapon for gold, a Pale Horse and SnowStorm?


  • midtown138midtown138 New Member Registered Users 34 Posts
    I wouldn't doubt the next sale the have...probably next weekend when the new tournament starts, that they will offer something better for sale than the pale horse and snow storm elite...
  • David TDavid T Senior Member Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    I've noticed that GLU chooses the least powerful weapon, offered in the previous PVP tournament as a reward, in the store (for GOLD) the following week. So my guess is that the "Flail" Heavy weapon will be on sale, or at least available in the store, at the start of next week's PVP tournament. Usually there is only one type of weapon on sale out of the Sniper,AR,Tesla, and Heavy weapons categories; but they also usually have the VIP reward system going at the same time as the tournament. This week, no VIP, but a sale on every type of weapon. Maybe this is a pattern or maybe GLU is just trying out a new structure???
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