Customer care STINKS

JsnfreeJsnfree New MemberRegistered Users 28 Posts
So I waited 3 weeks after reporting my issue to customer care about the gold missing when leveling up and how the pvp crashes was affecting me, and the diamonds from the heavy gun trial, for them to tell me sorry, we can't can't give you the measly 25 gold that you didn't get leveling up or the diamonds. What a crock. I'm about to the point of deleting this game, and finding another one to play that's not nearly as glitchy and has more than one person working responses from their customer care.


  • Sleeper1221Sleeper1221 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Totally agree, I have tried to get replies to various communications but nothing to date. All they want is the money, the game comes second to this this. I have lost everything, gold - diamonds - guns, I was level 41 and now nothing. Game kept crashing in PVP and in general games, requested help but nothing from the developers.
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