glu and contract killer: Sniper Warning

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GLU REMOVED MY LAST THREAD!!!! <snipped the rest of this ridiculous post>


Basically folks, it';s very simple:

-If you have any issues with our games, we do our best to help you. We will and have already done many "make things right" for our community.
-when you are going to violate our terms, we will give you another chance to calm down so we can make it right.
-If you continue to misbehave on our forums and promote illegal tools, then you will be banned. End of story.

let it be known that we will not tolerate this behavior.

Thank you.


  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member Registered Users, Moderators 591 Posts
    Yes, I have made edits to the original post and banned DJ33 for inappropriate behavior over the past 2 days.

    Any more promotion of illegal tools will be faced with an immediate ban.

    If you have any other issues and would like to solve it with Customer Care, you have already seen how we deal with these issues and help everyone get it resolved.
    Thank you.
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