New update and more problems

Zo2aZo2a New MemberRegistered Users 34 Posts
This new update make game sucks a lot of problems and so much error i cant play pvp and game is so slow why they make new update if they cant fix all this problem this is the worst game i play ever


  • IamreadyIamready Experienced Member Registered Users 224 Posts
    yeah,its still having so many problems after the update,i am also tired of playing this game,feels really bad
  • wolfk418wolfk418 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I wished that had added more content for the campaign. Also They need more achievements. I am only half way done with "World on Fire" and I got 22 out of 23 achievements with the only one left to get is "Jade Neutralized". I never been big on PVP and rather just do solo modes of game play. Just like now to do gun upgrades you have to play the PVP events and score high which you are only going to do if you are on the game consuley. Hello there is more to life than keeping a cell phone in your hand.
  • midtown138midtown138 New Member Registered Users 34 Posts
    I play campaigns less than pvp..but I have a love/hate relationship with it as well...quick and easy way to bulk up diamonds...but if you don't have enough for an needed upgrade..and can't stay logged in to the game...all that work can be stolen from you within an hour
  • TangoCharlieTangoCharlie New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I play game just for few hrs after work. No time to play PVP. Enjoyed playing the game till last week, when people played less PVP's. But now lost interest in this game... All the diamonds collected are stolen. Even when I am not interested in PVP. How can I upgrade weapons to play the game??? So no point in wasting time in this game. I cant keep my game open in office when I work to avoid diamonds being stolen.

    It would be better, to opt in/out of PVP's.....
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