How do I play normal game???

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With recent update, the game is made non available for those who cannot be online whole day. I cant keep the game online when I am at work to save the diamonds. With the recent update, I keep losing diamonds without any chance to upgrade my base or weapon.

Today after returning from work, I saw there were 5 attacks with all players stealing at least 3000 diamonds. That is 15k diamonds in total. I have no time for PVP... I just want to play normal assignments.

But without upgrading my weapon I cant progress further. And to upgrade I need diamonds which I constantly lose. Enjoyed playing this game for over 2 months. But now not even able to play it... Only option for me is to uninstall the game.


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    Have you played the Tesla and Heavy "Challenge" missions. The challenge missions are available after the Trial missions, but they do require that you own a Tesla or Heavy gun to play them, so there is that gotcha. They offer a lot of diamonds for upgrading your base and your weapons. Most of us use them to upgrade our base. A better base doesn't mean that your diamonds are safe, no you will still lose many attacks and lose even larger chunks of diamonds. But a better base means that those diamond losses are replaced quicker.

    Also make sure you plan out those attacks. Each level offers a different amount of diamonds, so you want to plan which ones you are going to attack so you get just enough diamonds to complete whatever upgrade you are working on. You want to have minimal diamonds when you log off. For example, if you do a couple challenge missions and then log off leaving the diamonds from those missions in your safe, the vast majority will be gone by the time you log back in and you will have wasted those challenge missions.

    Ultimately, you are going to have to purchase a Tesla and a Heavy with Gold. I recommend Tesla first. Then, you will need to play some PVP missions to "top off" your diamonds from the Challenge missions to complete upgrades. If you can't leave your device on while at work, then figure out a way that you can leave it on at home and play just enough to complete an upgrade before you head out to work then next morning. I consider all this as part of the challenge of playing this game as the missions become quite repetitive after a while.

    Good Luck.
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    Ah yes, the always undefined and highly opinionated term "Normal", but Tango's simple question of "How do I play normal game???" is an excellent question.

    What is the 'normal game' of Contract Killer: Sniper?

    Is it normal to have to stay signed on to a game continuously to progress through a part of the standard content provided to play, such as the 'campaign section'?

    Is it normal to have to watch commercials or spend money to continue to play a 'free-to-play' game?

    How do you win the game?
    What do we get to play for free?
    What do we have to do to continue to play for free?
    What do we have to pay to play?
    What do we have to do to continue to pay to play?
    iPhone 4, usually.
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