Leviathan Drone cant make yet

richindy11arichindy11a Registered Users 2 Posts
Hello, I am concerned as I have played for quit awhile and have been able to make quit a few of the Manta drones but never have gotten the third item to make the Levviathan Drones. I have been doing the pvp each event and checked the store and that third gray item does not show up. How do you get that item so you can make them. Regards


  • PythonDjangoPythonDjango Registered Users 234 Posts
    I'm unsure how you can get the "wing" drone modules. I see that some folks have built Leviathans, so there must be a way, but I haven't found any either, just power, gattling and rocket modules.
  • GVilleJacketGVilleJacket Registered Users 30 Posts
    I didn't participate in last weekend's event and thus did not acquire the 100 points needed for a Bronze tournament that rewarded gun parts. Instead the top prize was 3 Leviathan drones. I "won" each of my three solo Bronze tournaments so I now have 9 Leviathans in my inventory. I haven't activated them yet as I don't think they will make much difference at this point and I have 30 Bees and 30 Mantas in my inventory as well.
  • erock503erock503 Registered Users 3 Posts
    The tournaments are the only way so far to acquire the leviathan AFAIK. As for being useful, I think they are much harder to kill in short range attacks. I think they would be more usefull if the attacker didn't know they were there. I forgot to look a couple times and got a nice little nasty surprise.
  • Kittipong29Kittipong29 Registered Users 84 Posts
    This drone is prize in Gold event for certain AP in milestone, you will get it at 50, 75 and 100 AP as 2,3,5 respectively for 200 AP will get 100 gold as top of milestone in this league.
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