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kuojunhonkuojunhon Registered Users 30 Posts
I started playing CKS since November of last year, that means I've experienced most of this game's growth. Despite there are still some glitches, I feel it's quite blessed that CKS could be updated so frequently, compared to most other games in market. I do love the idea of drone and league event since the update of V2.0, and be addicted to collecting parts to get better weapon, having fun to challenge those opponent with max out base and drone.

But I do feel something gradually getting crazy and out of control. It looks like Glu recently have arranged a 4 weeks cycle (e.g. tournament prize: Heavy->AR->Tesla->sniper) to update a new tier of base and weapon system in a geometric progression(e.g. base power: 1440-2280-5760-11520-23040-46080).

First, the amount of diamonds to upgrade base becomes unreachable. The “average amount” of diamonds earned from PvP is about 1K-4K, which isn't much different before this update. I'm a experienced player with 8.5 stars weapons, and I've played hard to push my rank in top 90 during this tournament, still only earned 200K from PvP in one day, not to mention 50K loss by being defeated. I wonder how other lower level players or newbies could survive or upgrade anything in this cruel system.

Second, those great weapons, which you fight hard to earn or pay money to buy, become out-of-date and devaluated every month. As some players had mentioned, the prize of gold league(9 hell) last week became a joke after this update. The joy of having a super weapon not only comes from the process of hard working, but also comes from using it to beat other opponents. Great weapon is considerd great only in a month or less, and you need to fight another one again and again, it's not fun anymore.

To conclude, upgrading the system in a geometric progression every month could be interpreted as a terrible inflation in real world economy. Everything you have becomes devaluated every month, and everything you need becomes more expensive. I could understand that Glu need profit by encouraging players to spend money, but if the money we spend in this game becomes devaluated every month, why should we keep spending and investing time and effort in this game?

As I said, I felt fun when the drone and league event were introduced in V2.0, because it make the game have some variation in PvP and accessibility of getting great weapon. But I don't feel fun when base get another tier to upgrade, which means another tedious hard work for gathering diamonds, and the main change of PvP opponent is simply the stronger blood and fire power.

I hope that Glu should prudently consider what changes could make the CKS more fun, not just make the game more difficult.


  • CaptainmidniteCaptainmidnite Registered Users 42 Posts
    I absolutely agree. As for the 9 hells weapon... Worked my butt off for it then The very next day the update happened and the weapon for silver was better. So I could have waited a week and casually gotten the silver reward. I was extremely ****ed off, been hardly playing this week because of it.
  • try_againtry_again Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    kuojunhon - very well stated, and I fully agree. I've mentioned before about the geometric progression of the game, I started the game the last week of February and progressed quickly to Tier 8. No physical cash needed. I've got may base a little over 1/2 completed (18720), and when completed think I'll pretty much quit the game. Like I've said before, the game has reached a tipping point between enjoyable fun and tedious work. I have no desire to go to a Tier 9 that will be near impossible to upgrade without paying money. I guess this is GLU's intention?

    If instead of cash payouts in the campaigns, there were also gold or diamonds, that may change my plans, but this execellent is ready to geometrically explode, and become a burden.

    It was a really fun game in the beginning before 2.0, now it's work with not much time to rest. I have to agree, I think it's doomed.
  • RMorr50912RMorr50912 Registered Users 79 Posts
    I have to agree. It's getting tedious with the crazy amount of diamonds needed to upgrade anything. I've pretty much stopped worrying about diamonds and just go for AP. I seem to get attacked for more everytime than I gain back with wins. I'm just trying to win the weapons now. On the odd occasion I do manage to build up enough diamonds to upgrade I do but it's not often they don't get stolen before I have enough to use them.
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