ideas for CKS 3:0

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since glu admin confirmed working on update for CKS 3:0, we may give some ideas to make the game more challenging:
1- assign bonus or bounties for certain targets (similar to dear hunter bonus) for example gold or equipment for :certain number of kills using different weapons in campaign or PVP, bonus to finish mission in short time , head shots or silent shots , multiple kills, finish mission with zero damage ,using equipment ,
2- allow buying weapon parts by gold
3-give more statistics about our achievements, how many kills , how many pvp missions, how many losses , ...etc
4- allow using rockets in short range battles & grenades in long range
5- allow filtering the battle log to show revenge battle only
6- allow more information about competitors like their defense force , or current VP points from leader board
7-allow buying drones by gold
8-make the armor of more use , it is very week almost useless(you can make it defense force follow your XP or level) ,
9- make global event for 3 days only , then league event for other 3 , then 1 day weekly for special event with special prizes ( for example : stronger grenades , stronger armor , new coin that can buy weapon parts for any weapon ,.....etc) or prizes related to certain season like Halloween,.....
players my have better ideas also,...


  • Taker3681Taker3681 Junior Member Registered Users 52 Posts
    All then ideas sound worthly to spice up CK v3.0. I double +1 the extended timing on idea number 9! That would help players who are restricted to how much online time they can access to participate in event wars and league wars..
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